You are a castaway trying to survive on an mysterious island where it seems that you are not alone. Recolect resources during the day and surive the threats of the night. Try not to get crazy. Try not to starve.

Made for the Ludum Dare using  Godot Engine ( and Piskel (

Alvaro Bermejo - Programming & Audio

Laura de Castro - Programming & Art 

Install instructions

Just extract the .zip wherever you want and execute the .exe


Download 7 MB
Download 8 MB


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Even though the game design was kind of basic in the beginning, I think you made a sweet prototype of something bigger. :) Our author Chase even liked the game so much that he wrote a little article about it, he also made a little gameplay video of your game. <3 So keep up the good work and your next game will get better and better for sure! Game jams are a great place to learn new stuff, and you already did that. Be proud of yourself! :)

Best wishes,